How to choose a wedding photographer
Meet your wedding photographer

Meet your wedding photographer

Meet your wedding photographer before your big day

Of course, if you're not getting marrried locally then it isn't always possible to meet before hand - but you definately need to make contact with your photographer in advance of your wedding.

It's the most important day of your life and you don't want it spoiled by some overbearing, bossy boots or cantankerous letch. You have to get on with your photographer so one of the key considerations is how you feel around them.

WPJA accredited photographer Séverine Martorana, of Pink Objectif works in Paris, France and advises couples to meet or at least have contact with their wedding photographer several times before the big day: "Whether by phone, in person, or on email if you're abroad."

She says couples must get a feeling for each other before their wedding day because ultimately choosing a wedding photographer should be done by "listening to your heart and going with your instinct".

Davis, of Little Jewel Weddings, agrees: "Do they look smart and professional? Do they instill confidence in you? You’ll only be able to judge these things once you meet them face-to-face.  If you don’t have the opportunity to meet up with them, then try to have an in-depth chat with them on the phone instead."

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