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Choosing flowers and decorations for your wedding


 - Choosing flowers and decorations for your wedding
> Flowers for the ceremony

Large extravagent bouquets of flowers often get left behind as an offering to the church or venue for the ceremony.

The budget version
- Find out if anyone else is getting married at the same venue on the same day as you (this mostly applies to registry office weddings) and find out if they'd be interested in sharing the costs of the flowers for decoration.
- Choose seasonal flowers which are cheaper because they don't have to be imported or specially grown.
-You don't usually have to leave your flowers in the church so you can take them with you and reuse them at the reception.
- Remember that you won't actually be spending that much time at the venue for the ceremony venue, so it may be worth spending more on decorations for the reception venue.

> Table decorations

Majestic floral arrangements on every table are imposing and romantic, but there are budget ways to decorate your tables!

The budget version
- Place clear glass bowls full of water on each table and fill them with rose petals and floating candles for a romantic effect.
- Large white candles wrapped in tulle and tied with ribbon will give life to the venue.
- Display whatever nature has to offer in large clear vases: ears of corn for a summer wedding; colourful leaves collected by the children for an autumnal touch; and oranges and holly branches for a winter wedding.


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