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The perfect table plan
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How to organise the table plan for wedding guests



 - How to organize the table plan for wedding guests

< Alternate men and women on each table.
Lads and lasses tables can be out of place at a wedding. Select a 'master of revels' for each table who will be the life and soul of the table, someone lively and sociable who will start and animate the conversation and put everyone else at ease. Just don't tell them beforehand!

< If you can, make two separate tables for the kids, one for the younger ones and one for the teens, so that you don't end up with sulky adolescents stuck between giggling six-year-olds. To give kids the freedom to mingle without getting in the way, seat them as far away from the top table as possible.

< Ask your parents if they'd prefer to sit on the top table with the groom's parents or if they'd prefer to sit with their friends and family. You never know.

< Try and seat people with similar interests together, if you think they'll get on. By all means mix family and friends from both sides, so you don't end up with 'friends of the bride' and 'friends of the groom.' Make up tables of sporty/outdoor types, young parents, city slickers, wacky characters, and so on and so forth...just don't sit all the singletons together, whatever you do!


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