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Wedding preparations for the next day and afterwards


Remind yourself that a wedding is just a moment in time.
A wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment. "Don't think that a wedding will solve all your problems. You still need to work on building your relationship. Marriage equals commitment, but it doesn't propel you into a fixed state of bliss. You'll continue to envolve as a couple," says Sophie Cadalen.

Get organized. There's nothing more depressing than coming home from your honeymoon to a pile of bills on your new doormat. Make sure everything is paid for before the big day!

Make the most of every minute of your day. Anyone who has ever got married will tell you that the day goes too fast. There's precious little you can do to halt time, but you can enjoy every precious minute of your day. Delegate so you don't have to bother about minor details, spend a few quiet moments on your own now and then to take in what's happening, and most importantly of all, spend time with your new hubby! It might seem strange, but newlyweds often spend their day apart because both bride and groom are so busy spending time with their respective guests. It's about the two of you, at the end of the day.

Extend the celebrations. The day after, invite your close family and friends round for breakfast, brunch, drinks or a barbecue - as informal as you like. You can re-live the day and spend more time with your loved ones, so your wedding won't end on a flat note with everyone thinking it was over too soon.

Don't skip the honeymoon. Whatever the state of your bank balance, you only get married once. Go away as soon as possible after the big day: even if you don't go anywhere plush or exotic, you'll spend precious time alone together, and it will give you something to loo forward to once the big day is over.


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