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From Grade School to College: A Marriage In the Making

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on May 20, 2015

When Ashley Hill (formerly Young), 23, met Adam Hill, 22, they were both in elementary school. Yet it wasn't an argument over using the same color crayon or an interest in macaroni art that brought them together. In fact, it wasn't until middle school, years later, that the two finally began speaking to each other. It all began on AOL Instant Messenger, or as we '90s kids know it best, AIM. You could say this was a modern day romance in the making.

"We officially met in middle school when we were too shy to talk to each other in person," Ashley said. "AIM was the way to do it back then. We’d chat for a while and eventually we’d kind of struggle with what to talk about, but I always knew he was nice — nicer than other guys. There was something different about him even then."

However, two shy adolescents put their fear behind them to become better acquainted with one another and it was on April 8, 2010 that they finally started dating.

"Right when we first started hanging out I knew there was a special connection between us," Adam said. "So from the very beginning I knew we would be together for a long time, but a few weeks into it I knew that she was the perfect one for me.?"

Likewise, Ashley not only felt the spark between them but recognized that there was something special about Adam early on.

"I knew Adam was the one soon after we started talking again," Ashley said. "He would hang out in the hallway and talk to his friends before class, which usually made him the last one to walk in, and for one week straight, God shone a literal spotlight on Adam as he entered the classroom. That’s when my crush-on-fire started. I knew I had to do something. So, naturally, I told a mutual friend I liked Adam and the friend ended up telling him against my wishes."

Yet as fate has it, that friend's actions proved to be quite favorable for the couple, who have been together for a little over five years now. And it was just two years ago, three days before their three-year anniversary that the couple became engaged on their now-alma mater's campus, West Virginia Wesleyan College. While the proposal went off without a hitch, the pair look back on it now joking since an unfortunate illness prevented Ashley from going on their original pre-proposal stroll.

"I had arranged for a friend/photographer to take pictures the day before, but the weather was terrible and Ashley wasn't feeling well," Adam said. "I was really bummed because I didn't know if I would be able to get our friend to take pictures any other time."

With a fever and chills, Ashley only made it 30 seconds outside before deciding to forego their date plans that day in April. Thankfully, however, it only took one day of rest for Ashley to recuperate before they attempted their picnic again, and of course, Adam admits to being quite nervous beforehand.

"Ashley could definitely tell something was up because I was walking really fast to the spot I had picked out," Adam said. "When it was happening, I was very excited and nervous and couldn't wait for her to answer. And when she said yes I was the happiest man alive."

In the following months, Ashley said she researched everything for the wedding but that "life got in the way and planning was put on hold." It wasn't until the six-month mark before their marriage that the two were truly able to prepare.

If that isn't stressful enough, Ashley moved to New York City for four months during that time period, making wedding planning chaotic to say the least. Skipping "save the dates," Ashley designed and mailed the wedding invitations — 'Spider-Man' stamps and all — from NYC. All of this happened with 500 miles between them.

Just a year later, on June 7, 2014, Ashley and Adam got married in the Ritter Park Rose Garden.

"In the weeks and months prior to the wedding it was cold and nasty outside, and the roses were 6-8 weeks behind schedule," Ashley said. "I was worried for weeks. But I’ll never forget when, on the wedding day, I arrived at the garden to find every single rose bloomed. Tears filled my eyes as I jumped out of the car and yelled, 'This. Is. Perfect!' That set the tone for the rest of the day."

So on a beautiful day in Huntington, W. Va., with their loved ones (and roses) surrounding them, and a harp being played as Ashley walked down the aisle, the day truly was perfect.

"The best part about being married so far is being able to have someone who is there for you 24/7," Adam said. "With Ashley I can share special life moments and talk about anything at any time, and coming home to her is such a great feeling. Knowing that every day I get to spend time with the one I love is very special to me. It gets me through every day."

This article was written by Emma Goddard. Follow her on Twitter @egoddardhokie.

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