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To commission or not to commission?


 - To commission or not to commission?
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Four (or five) C’s aside, there are still a number of other factors to consider when buying a diamond engagement ring.

Among them: choosing a metal and deciding on the number of stones; whether to buy before the proposal or choose together afterwards; whether to buy online or in a store; and whether to go with a ring that’s readymade or have one commissioned.

The latter, Straughton says, is becoming increasingly popular, despite being more expensive. When you have a ring commissioned, she says, “the designer will show you the stone and design the ring around the stone for you. You are getting something that’s a one-off.”

You’re also getting the experience of creating something together. This of course, she adds, can only really be done together, and generally won’t work well for someone who wants to have the ring in hand for a proposal.


Samantha Fields
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