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Are you a Bridezilla?

Bridezilla personality test - You're a true Bridezilla


©René Furterer
©René Furterer

Quick, hide! She's on the loose and she's going to eat us all alive...

What has happened to you? Ever since you decided to get married, nothing else matters to you and you think that your family and friends must be feeling the same way.

You're no longer interested in their lives, in their problems, either big or small, and you don't have a single ounce of empathy.

As far as you're concerned, people should be there for you 24/7 and everything should revolve around YOU!

Careful: if your head gets any bigger you won't fit through doors. Your friends only have a limited amount of paitence... Imagine if they turned down your wedding invitations?

On top of that, your perfectionism is bordering on obsession and it's causing you to make some not-so-nice or completely unreasonable demands. If you want to be in control of everything, start by controlling your emotions which are running away with you.

Tip: remind yourself that your wedding day shouldn't be the only wonderful day of your life; it should be one of many. Take some pressure off yourself so you're able to enjoy it!

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