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9 Ideas to Make Your Wedding More Magical

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 15, 2015

Once you start planning your wedding, you soon discover how difficult it is to choose the right activities, without continually rethinking everything, as well as to create the décor that reflects who you are. It's all the more difficult because you are working inside of a fixed budget. Here are some ideas to keep you from tearing your hair out a few months before your wedding. (That really wouldn't simplify things now, would it?)

Bubbles Bar

Tradition has it that the immediate family join the betrothed at the home of their respective parents before the ceremony. To keep everybody amused, some snacks and drinks are served. You could surprise people with creative cocktails (with or without alcohol) based on champagne or sparkling wine. Attractively decorated with delicious fruits like raspberries or lemons, served in cute jars or small bottles with straws – it's a sure success.

Think of the Little Details that Make a Big Difference

Ask your grandmothers, godmothers, aunts, etc., to be bridesmaids or flower girls. They will love it, and guests will be pleasantly surprised. Instead of rice and lavender at the exit of the church, get your guests to blow bubbles. The effect will be magical! To end the evening in style, release lanterns to float away into the sky. As the darkness descends, you can imagine your wedding night transformed into an ocean of light...

Goodie Welcome Bags

Most of your guests will surely not have thought about decorating their cars with tulle. No matter, you've planned everything! Place pretty bags at the entrance of your reception hall. You can fill them with tulle for the car, the time of the evening, flip-flops for ladies, sunglasses if you are marrying outdoors, bubbles, or even straws, to allow your guests to quench their thirst while clowning around. If, on top of all that, the bags are personalized, your guests will feel all the more pampered!

Hire a Babysitter

We often hear talk about it, but we don't often see it. Hire the services of a babysitter and you will be very popular with parents! All the moms will greatly appreciate having someone to take care of the children playing to their hearts' content. Parents can chat, drink, and eat quietly without running after their kids.

Return to Your Childhood with a Candy Bar

A real fad, candy bars are the perfect way to embellish your wedding tables. And for yummy reasons: marshmallows, cupcakes, gumdrops, lollipops, and other sweets generally delight both young and old. Most caterers can create decorative sweets, candies, and delicacies in harmony with your theme.

Polaroids on the Guest Tables

To entertain your guests as well as create nice souvenirs of your wedding, you can rent Polaroids! Place them on the tables of your guests so that everyone can take amusing pictures. For more originality, dress things up as photo booth accessories. If you have a smaller budget, put one next to your guest book so that everyone can paste an amusing photo in the place of the more common signature... You can also provide a clothesline and tongs so guests can hang their pictures.

Let Your Guests Recall Good Times

On each table, place cards with some questions that guests will have to answer. You will prolong your pleasure by reading them afterwards (after returning from your honeymoon, for example?). Consider adding questions such as: What should we name our children? What does Love mean to you? What is your fondest or funniest memory with us? Your guests will laugh remembering beautiful moments and kind words will warm your heart.

Buck the Wedding Cake Tradition

Want something other than a traditional wedding cake? For your wedding, get off the beaten path and let your guests satisfy their sweet tooth with different delicacies in place of the traditional wedding cake. Tiramisu, chocolate mousse, lemon meringue... the possibilities are endless and each guest will find a dessert to their liking. Everyone will delight their taste buds in their own way! Hmm, think of tiramisu in front of mirrors, arranged on the large buffet table... giving the illusion of an infinity of pleasure! Our mouths are already watering.

Give Out of the Ordinary Gifts

Give your guests a thank you gift that stands out. Instead of traditional favours, why not give homemade gifts? Jams, chocolates, heart-shaped candies, or cookies will make people happy. For gifts that will delight your guests, you can also consider reusable cotton bags, shot glasses, labels for suitcases, or customized lip balm.

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by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard

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