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Friends as a source of conflict in relationships
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Friends as a source of conflict in relationships

"We were together for 8 months but then that was it. I didn't have a problem with her not wanting to be best friends with my mate's girlfriend, but I did have a problem with her not getting on with anyone... at all.

She didn't like any of my friends, fine, so why didn't she let me go out on my own? But no, she insisted on joining me every time.

So every night out, she was all smiles to their faces,
then she'd bitch about them on the way home." Paul, 34, waiter

How to cope when your partner doesn't get on with your friends?

'In a relationship both partners have a personal, private life that exists outside of the relationship, which can sometimes interfere with the notion of exclusivity you have in your head.'

'Friends can get in the way of that all-consuming love which you're so wrapped up in, whether you're aware of it or not. Being jealous of his friends can become grounds for outbursts of anger and lack of understanding.'

'However, your partner needs to have a life outside of your relationship in order to better understand the relationship. A social life with other people helps to fuel the relationship, and helps you to learn to appreciate it for its own true worth.'

'By being positive about the relationships he has with other people, his friends will instantly seem nicer. And if he gets on well with these people, they can't be all that bad.'

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