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Men and clothes shoppping


©Jules - Men and clothes shoppping
The classic scenario
It's the first Saturday of the sales and you're after a new dress. It'd be nice to go out together, so you ask him if he'd like to have a wander round town. He's happy to accompany you (and has even been known to suggest a shopping trip on his own initiative!). The problem is that after 2 minutes in one shop, he's too hot, his feet ache and he's dying of thirst. He ends up pacing around and muttering under his breath. He starts telling you that everything looks amazing on you, that white dress makes you look like a supermodel and you have to buy it.

Why he does it
> Because it's a waste of time
"I just don't see any fun in spending an afternoon fighting through crowds in shops. And I certainly don't see the point in spending three hours choosing between a navy blue dress and a light blue one," bemoans Adam.

> Because it doesn't concern him
Phil remarks: "Don't get me wrong: we like shopping, but shopping for ourselves. For video games, an iPod or a TV!"

If you want him to change...
Motivate him, suggests Phil: "Give us a target, something like: 'Let's go shopping and then at 5 o'clock we'll go to the pub'. So while you're busy shopping, we're looking forward to a nice cold pint, a bag of crisps to follow and maybe even some footie highlights on TV... Before we know it, it's 5 o'clock, the shops are shutting and we're more than happy!"
Adam tries to put clothes shopping into perspective: "Why bother taking us shopping? You're only going to get THAT look we give you when you try on a dress that costs £150, when you've got 10 in your wardrobe that you've never worn." OK, some things we'll agree to disagree on...


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