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Q&A: 8 things we don't understand about men
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Men and forgetfulness


 - Men and forgetfulness
The classic scenario
"Darling, when is it that we're going to your mum's for dinner?" He's asked you four times in two days. It must be one of two things: either he's not listening to what you say or he's deliberately asking the same question over and over. And it does your head in. He seems to have the memory of a goldfish.

Why he does it
> Because it's not important
Men consider this sort of information as secondary, so they don't need to make any effort to remember it. "It's often practical details, day-to-day things. I struggle to remember this trivial stuff - it goes in one ear and comes out the other," explains Tom.

> Because it's a girl thing
"When it comes to organizing and planning things, we know that women are much better at it," notes Phil. "So we rely on them."

If you want him to change...
"Look at me straight in the eyes when you give me an answer, or write it down for me,"
  recommends Tom. Phil suggests trying a different tack: "Men love their toys and gadgets, so make notes or alerts on his brand-spanking new iPhone. If you synchronize his mobile with the agenda on his computer, he'll never forget a date or address!"


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