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Q&A: 8 things we don't understand about men
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Men and lack of response during conversations


The classic scenario
"Honey, we really need to redecorate the kitchen. I was thinking lemon yellow...what do you reckon?" Silence. "Or do you think lime green would be better?" Silence again. "Fine, don't answer me then!". Silence, still...Fuming, you huff, puff and get up to storm out of the room. And he looks up with innocent eyes: "What babe, did you say something?".

Why does he do it?
> Because he's busy
It's no secret that men can't do two things at once. Phil confirms: "Have you ever tried talking to a child who's watching TV? That's like what men are like." 

> Contradiction
Tom says ignoring you is a man's way of showing you he's not available. "One thing I can't stand is when she talks to me from another room," says Tom. "And I hate talking when there's nothing to say." If your man doesn't think the question is important or interesting enough, he'll not make an effort to answer. 

if you want him to change...
"Stop talking waffle just for the sake of it, it's that simple," says Tom.
Phil also suggests we be more respectful:
1. Go into the room to talk to him instead of shouting from the opposite end of the house.  
2. Wait until he's finished reading the paper/watching TV/checking emails before you ask. 


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