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Q&A: 8 things we don't understand about men
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Men and asking for directions


 - Men and asking for directions
The classic scenario
You've been past the same newsstand four times in the last 20 minutes but you're still no closer to finding the church. It's 3.50pm, Helen and Dave's wedding starts at 4, and you've got the rings. You're on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but in spite of your pleas, he absolutely refuses to stop and ask for directions. He'd rather drive up and down the same stretch of road another 10 times, stressing and swearing until he finds his own way there, even if it means turning up late to the church.

Why does he do it?
> Pride
"Pride, of course! Men never get lost: they just take a different route," says Phil.
"To be honest, asking for directions makes me feel a bit stupid,"
admits Tom.
"We're not going to ask for help from someone who clearly knows more than we do! It's all about protecting the ego,"
explains Adam.

> Because it's complicated
"We often don't understand or don't remember much of what we're told when we ask for help, so we end up looking even more stupid!" adds Tom.

If you want him to change...
"No guy is going to ask for directions. Short of getting us a GPS, which is only a substitute solution, there's no miraculous remedy," says Phil. "Unless our girlfriends ask for us!" suggests Adam.


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