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Men: what type do you go for?

Your type: faithful

Your type: faithful

Excitement and complication are not what you seek in your love life! You love feeling stable in a relationship, and you like a fairly quiet life. Your type has a very happy nature, is energetic, content with who is is and with his situation in life, knows where he's going and, most importantly, wants to take you there with him!

You're a home bird and you like routine. Relationships where you don't know where you're heading or what tomorrow will bring just don't do it for you, and you avoid them like the plague.

Your ideal man: Ronan Keating
You know how to choose mature men who don't feel like they've got something to prove to you. He has to be a good talker. You hate flashy, over-the-top guys who are only out to seduce you.

You need to trust him implicitly. You like your routine and continuity: they bring you comfort and reassurance, and if you're in the ideal relationship you'd trust him with your life. However, if you're still looking for your Mr Right, it could well be that you've just not found the right type for you yet. Don't worry, he's out there somewhere!

Your mantra: Love is nothing without trust.



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