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In the office
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In the office

“Here’s the DVD of that TV show I was telling you about. In case you wanted to borrow it or something…?”
He’s trying to be cool and casual, but it’s clear that he likes you and by lending you this DVD he’s ensuring that he has something else to talk to you about regularly.

“That’s not what I meant”
Actually that’s completely what he meant, but following on from your reaction, he’s regretting being so honest.

“Do you want to do some extra prep for this presentation tomorrow?”
On the surface it looks like he’s eager to make a good impression in the big meeting, but really he’s keen to have some alone time with you. If office romances are frowned upon at your place of work, tread carefully.

“I didn’t want to bother you with it as I know you’re so busy”
He wants to make it appear as if he’s trying to help, but beware – he’s clearly left you out the loop. It takes less than a minute to fire off an email, so there’s no reason for not being able to communicate. Be especially careful if he’s a work rival because he could be trying to make you look bad.

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