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Around the house

“Can I help you with dinner?”
While you might be suspicious and think that he’s trying to butter you up, more often than not the intention behind this phrase is pretty innocent. Yes he could be asking to help in return for sexual favours later or permission for a night out with the boys, but most likely he’s just pretty hungry and thinking that if he helps you, you’ll both get to eat quicker. 

“Can we talk about this later?”

He wants to immediately end this conversation and the likelihood of him bringing it up again is pretty slim. You’ve been warned.

“Did you remember to call your mum?”
He’s hoping that you’ll say no and go chat to her for an hour, so that he can have some uninterrupted guy time. Probably playing on the new PS4. 

"It was a joke"
Humour is a sly way of telling the truth without being directly honest. If he keeps repeating something that isn’t really that funny, then it may be his way of telling you that he hates it, but because he knows you are sensitive about it, he's too scared to tell you straight out.

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