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What makes a man cheat?
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A happy man will not cheat


Happy men don't cheat © Brand X Pictures
Happy men don't cheat © Brand X Pictures
Naturally, it’s difficult to come to any firm conclusions about what makes men cheat without generalizing to a certain degree.

There are exceptions to every rule, as exemplified by the swathes of tabloid-unfriendly footballers who are happily married, and for whom kicking a ball is a career rather than a first-class ticket to a string of Page-3 girls.

That said, Rochelle Peachey argues that, ‘a happy man will not cheat.’

The ones to hang on to are those who try and sort things out when the relationship hits rocky waters.

If on the other hand he responds to a row by texting naked pictures of himself to the last girl he met, it’s probably time to show him the door.

By George Wales


George Wales
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