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The cult of the male sex symbol
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The fun living guy

The fun living guy

Your perfect man has to have a bit of savoir-vivre

After all, why waste time striving for plastic perfection when the most important thing in life is to make the most of it and enjoy yourself? Living the high life doesn't necessarily mean letting yourselves go and ending up with a beer belly! Just because you enjoy going out, dinners with friends and good food and drink doesn't make you any less sexy!

Your man has to know how to enjoy himself, appreciate the pleasures of life and just make the most of it - there's nothing you find more attractive, becuse we only live once! Forget the clichés: what you really like about him is his love of life and simple pleasures. 

This is what makes him a god in your eyes, so doin't waste your time looking for anything else!

Your ultimate fantasy: George Clooney. Even if he has a bit of a belly, you love him for it, and it's his smile that makes you melt! 


Sarah Horrocks
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