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The cult of the male sex symbol
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The gent

The gent

To you, a real man is a natural man, without any pretentions. What more could you ask for than that?

There's no point in pumping iron or going on sunbeds - Gavin Henson is not your type! Deep down, you think all that stuff is bascially done for magazines, and it has nothing to do with real life. Anyway, you like his love handles and just because his hair's a bit dishevelled it doesn't mean he's letting himself go - you like the rough-and-ready look! Even if he doesn't follow fashion you don't care: he's still sexy! 

You can always update his old wardrobe a bit discreetly with presents, and remind him to get his hair cut every so often...but do it gently and he'll be OK about it, because he'll know you still find him attractive. What you like about him is his simplicity (and we don't mean this in a negative way).

Your ultimate fantasy: Like generations of women, your umtimate male fantasy is Robert Redford. Jeans and a polo neck and no fuss, just a genuine gent!


Sarah Horrocks
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