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The cult of the male sex symbol
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The player

The player

You love a man who knows how to make the most of himself, and boy, does he know  you do! The player needs to know he's attractive and that's why he goes out of his way to please you, hitting to the gym to build up those muscles, taking care of his hair, making sure he's always well-dressed...he's always out to seduce you!

If you're into players you're the kind of gal who really cares what others think. You have to have the fittest, best-dressed man, the kind other women dream of! Obviously with this type of man there's always the danger that other women are going to be attracted to him, so you've got to keep on your toes and stay seductive.

This isn't really a problem for you because you're a real temptress and you always make sure you look your best.

Your ultimate fantasy: Brad Pitt


Sarah Horrocks
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