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New Year's resolutions suggested by men
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Expert's opinion on men and New Year's resolutions


© La Redoute - Expert's opinion on men and New Year's resolutions
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Psychoanalyst Maud Lehanne explains New Year's resolutions within the context of a relationship...   

What do men think about our resolutions?
They're often skeptical. They hear us talk about them for a couple of weeks then they become something of a taboo subject.

The men in our lives hardly dare to remind us that we decided to do some exercise, go on a diet or visit more museums, etc.

They are powerless witnesses because the majority of our resolutions are personal, they represent a desire to improve or assert ourselves.

Women are more liable to this than men. They are more demanding and less satisfied.  

Which sorts of resolutions could be taken badly by the other half?  
Those which imply a real lifestyle change, which the other partner isn't really ready for or doesn't agree with.

A woman who's wanted a child for two or three years and decides that this is the year, could provoke feelings of insecurity in her partner, for example. If he resists, you first need to establish the reasons behind this block.

Likewise, wanting to move house or change jobs are steps into the unknown. You might be ready but you're asking your partner to embark on a course which he might not want to embark on.

Is it possible to make joint resolutions with one's partner?  
Of course! Couples with children could decide to allocate one evening a month to themselves for a bit of escape. Or smokers could offer each other mutual support to quit.

However, resolutions are difficult to stick to if they've been forced upon you.

When there's a real desire to do something, you don't need a resolution, except sometimes to bring to life a decision that's been in the pipeline for some time.

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