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Mother and son relationships: mummy's boys
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Advice for coping with a man who's too attached to his mum


> Don't blame yourself
Stop wondering what's so wrong with you that your partner needs his mum so much. The mother-son bond was established long before you showed up in your man's life.

> Don't only see the negatives
On first glance, all the attention your mother-in-law lavishes on him could be seen as an attempt to prevent you from fully enjoying your role as wife/partner. But it's probably just a case of mother and son returning compliments: each of them has found balance in this relationship. 

> Look on the bright side
Just think, you don't have to worry about household chores anymore (what a dream!) so spend time exploring other more interesting activities with your partner instead.

> Set some rules
Although your mother-in-law is a very friendly person, from now on she's only invited round once a week, not twice. If she wants to continue with the ironing, fine, but she doesn't need to sort your mail. Suggest some little rules to start off with (you don't want to be too pushy) and if it works, carry on adding rules.

> Don't take her for granted
Your relationship with his mother will only worsen if she feels taken advantage of. It may be annoying to you that she's done all the ironing but she's actually trying to help you. Thank her and make her feel like she's done you a huge favour. Even if she did to it to provoke you, rising above it will only help her see how childish she's being.

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