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Mother and son relationships: mummy's boys
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Mummy's boys - he's too attached to his mum


Julia, 34, history teacher

I live with a 29-year-old child whose mum makes such a fuss over him that it really riles me. It's not an issue for either of them but for me, it's a living nightmare. I feel like they're regularly taking things a step too far.

His brothers and sisters aren't like that so I've reached the conclusion that it's not a question of his upbringing, it must be my fault.

Alex has no confidence whatsoever in my judgment. Even for the tiniest of things, he has to check with his mum. It's hurtful, humiliating, even, but he doesn't realize.

She irons his clothes, prepares our meals for the week and sometimes even pays our bills... she's unbelievable! It's obviously very kind of her to go to such lengths but it's a real invasion of our privacy. I end up not knowing where I stand and actually, I wouldn't mind the opportunity to cook for my husband myself from time to time.

When I try to speak to him about it, he doesn't get annoyed, he finds it funny and asks me not to be jealous. It's crazy though, he considers himself to be the mature one yet he still hasn't cut the apron strings!

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