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50 First Dates: 10 men share their first date dilemmas

50 First Dates: How it was for him?


Stewart, Editor at The Hospital Club, London

I didn't really know how to kiss

I used to go to a disco held in the grounds of the local remand centre every Friday.

It was for the kids of the warders who worked behind the high walls and barbed wire, but locals were allowed to go too. It attracted a rum bunch to say the least. One was a girl called Sarah from the local council estate.

She danced with her shoes off and wore tons of make-up. I thought she was gorgeous. I must have been 13, she was a year or two older.

Our first date was outside the disco. I didn’t really know how to kiss.

She boasted a bit more experience and was unhappy with my timid snogging attempts. She kicked over my foldaway bicycle and called me ‘Gregory PECK’ in front of her mates. The name stuck for months.
Tip: Don't be mean to boys and call them names. You're not 14.

David, 21. PR executive from London

I declared my love to the wrong girl

At college I met a girl who was absolutely beautiful, and I wanted to date her so badly.

I hovered around her constantly making sure she knew I liked her. But to make sure she didn’t think I was a creep, I decided to drunkenly declare my love for another girl and say to the girl of my dreams ‘don’t worry, I am not in love with you anymore’ (I know).

A bit of a mistake because we did end up going out, only to break up after going to the cinema with another girl alone – the one I drunkenly declared my love for that one time. Not a wise move.
Tip: Sometimes we do really stupid things when we like you. Sorry.

Tom, 27. PR executive from Manchester

My date in a bingo hall

I took this girl on a date to go and see my brother’s band play. They were quite good and had started playing at some good locations – unfortunately this wasn’t one of them and was at an Rotary club where the average audience age was about 60.

The “gig” my brother had said they had got, was actually the support for the main event of bingo.

Being in North Manchester, the arrival of a Goth girl had already caused a fair deal of murmurings – made worse by my mum's arrival. It transpires that the girl was also seeing a bloke from her local pub and she came over to give them her a telling off!

Suffice to say, second date was not forthcoming!
Tip: Our mother's know everything.

Paul, photographer. London.

She didn't appreciate my dancing skills

A northern town - rainy night, cinema, girl (angry).

Perfect ingredients.

A first date with A. Schoolfriend, now being auditioned (I hoped) for a more advanced position.

We'd grappled a little, held sweaty hands, and sat close to watch the most romantic film I could find that night. Starring Kevin Bacon. He danced. It ended. We left. It rained. And then, bizarrely, I danced. Around a petrol station.

It was that sort of film, and I was that sort of age. And that sort of exhibitionist.

A was horrified. We were going nowhere. Footloose. And definitely, definitely fancy-free.
Tip: Please don't judge us for our dancing.

Jason, from London. Works in IT.

I thought she only come round for the coffee

There was one girl who was a friend of mine but I never really thought of as girlfriend material, who dropped around at my flat for a coffee one afternoon.

Then she happened to be passing the following day, so she dropped in for a coffee. A couple of days later she showed up again. And again 3 days after that, and then twice the next weekend.

Ever the oblivious man, I only twigged that there was something going on when I realized that she doesn't actually drink coffee. We ended up going out for 2 years after that.
Tip: Sometimes we're not very quick on the uptake.


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