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50 First Dates: 10 men share their first date dilemmas

first time: Men tell us what it was like for them


Matt, 28. Digital strategist from Bradford.

Pleasantly surprised

She asked me out to a burlesque night she was involved with and I was instantly intrigued with raised brow to say the least. We went for sushi beforehand and soon began getting along on many levels.

Arriving at the event I was introduced to several of her burlesque friends all looking excellently clad and wonderfully dolled up in all kinds of high brow vintage attire.

As the evening progressed I was surprisingly treated to said friends performing their semi naked 'turns' and wonderfully suggestive acts of a variety of theme and pace. All the time I was wondering if my date had a turn of her own but thankfully not.

Tip: Be yourself, even if you think it'll surprise us.

Adam, 31. Lives in London, works in PR.

No such thing as a free drink...

I arranged to take a girl out to a swanky bar (I was keen to impress her) and we were having a great time. We got chatting to a couple of guys sat next to us. They commented on how cute we look together and offered to buy us a drink.

He ordered drink after drink and- my date and I are loving it. Then, one of them disappears (we assumed he was taking a bathroom trip). The other guy also wondered off, saying he'd be back in a couple of minutes. 45 minutes pass and it's pretty obvious they aren't coming back. We get up to leave and security grabbed me by the arm and says: "You haven't settled up your bill."

I looked at him blankly, pretty sure that our new friends had picked up the tab on their way out. They hadn't.

A £350 bill landed in my lap. In true bloke style, I attempted to act as if it was no big thing. Two credit cards later, I finally setted up.

To add insult to injury my date had to pay for our cab ride home as I had been wiped out.
Tip: There's no such thing as a free drink...especially on a first date!


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