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Most men believe in love at first sight

What real men think: how I knew she was the one...


Love at first sight
Love at first sight
How I knew she was the one...

I met Ellie at a coffee shop. Well, I didn't meet her straight away, she was in there once when I stopped to get a morning caffeine fix and she took my breath away.

We didn't speak or anything, I just starred at her with my mouth hanging open, probably.

From that day on, I went into the coffee shop every morning hoping to catch another glimpse. Some days I'd get lucky, some days not. Occasionally we'd share a look...

This went on for a few weeks and eventually we started nodding to each other.

About two months later, I finally struck up a conversation.

Me: "Morning"
Her: "Hi"

Another few weeks passed and I tried again.

Me: "Morning"
Her: "Hi"

A few more weeks limped by, while I quietly despaired. Then one particularly awful rainy morning, I was standing in the coffee shop queue hoping to see "Dream Girl" when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Her: "Hi, just wondering, seeing as it's so shitty out there, do you fancy having your coffee in here with me this morning?"

I think I knew at that moment that I wanted to marry this girl. Her lovely lilting Scottish accent, big cheeky grin that seemed to say "I've been waiting for you to ask me out, you chump!" and the fact that she actually bought coffee for both of us AND a cake to share.

Four years on we're happily married with a baby on the way. Ellie's amazing and I'm so glad that she's braver than I am.


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