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Most men believe in love at first sight


 - Most men believe in love at first sight
She's the one
Men and romance

Love-struck men think that they were destined to be with their partner with three quarters of British men saying that fate played a part in them meeting.

Half of blokes surveyed said they knew she was ‘the one’ from the moment they met with most claiming they had an ‘instinctive feeling’ from the very beginning a new survey revealed today.

The big softies said that even if they weren’t entirely sure their partner was the one on the first meeting they knew within two dates with 83 per cent saying they knew ‘very quickly’.

Ben Kay, Instinct - £6.29 - Amazon
The survey asked 3,000 Brits how often they rely on their instincts and in what circumstances they trusted them most and was commissioned to mark the release of the new Ben Kay book Instinct (£6.29, Amazon).

It revealed that instincts came first when making a decision on a prospective partner.

Women also said that their instincts told them when they had met ‘the one’ but they took a bit longer to trust what their heart was saying.

Both men and women said they rely on their instincts as much as they do their minds when making decisions with 84 per cent admitting their instincts take precedence with important and life changing ones.

Ben Kay said: “'I think a lot of people believe in fate and instinct when meeting ‘the one’. It makes it seem more magical, like it's coming from somewhere deeper.'

'I proposed to my wife after I'd known her for just five days, so I'm a massive believer in trusting your instincts.'

'When I wrote the book I needed a title that suggested something we all do, whether humans or insects or animals, so Instinct was perfect'

'The idea of writing a book seemed scary at first, but I trusted my instincts and it all worked out well.'

Seven out of ten said they often had to fight to get their own way when they had a gut feeling about something but that they were confident they would get a better outcome if they did.

A third said they were willing to be considered ‘crazy’ for putting their instincts first in decisions they make.

Nearly a third make their mind up about dating someone within a first meeting and  more than seventy per cent of people say they have made a decision on whether the relationship is worth pursuing by the end of the first date.

Forty five per cent said they often acted out of character when they met someone new and acted ‘crazy’ but that they trusted their instincts that they were safe.

We hear from four men who tell us how they knew they were in love...


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