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Suspicious with men


 - Suspicious with men
Your take on men

As far as you're concerned, men always have something to hide. Each and every one of them has an ulterior motive.

You're wary and you look for the bad side of everything they say and do. If he buys you flowers, it must be because he's feeling guilty. 

If he tells you he's going to be home late, you're convinced he's cheating on you.

Where the problem lies

If you only look for the bad you'll find faults where there aren't any.

Men aren't ALL vile, cheating creatures you know! The worst thing is that because of your prejudices, you could end up missing out on love. 


Take more notice of the men around you. Whether it be your brother, a friend or colleague, there's bound to be decent guys in your life who'll help you to see that not all men are dishonest and they don't all have hidden agendas.

Learn to trust your partner: don't let yourself check his pockets, emails, text messages, etc, and don't grill him if he returns home 10 minutes later than expected. Let him live his life!

The right kind of guy for you

An independent type who's sure of himself; someone with a strong personality who'll be able to make you understand that mutual trust is the key to a long-lasting relationship!



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