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Quiz: do you know what he's really thinking?

Observant with men


 - Observant with men
Your take on men

You learn to pick up on signals by observing and copying guys. You attach more importance to their actions and the attention they pay you than to what they say.

If a man never says "I love you", it doesn't bother you as long as he proves his love. As far as you're concerned, men communicate through gestures, not words.

Where the problem lies

The problem is that men are often lost when it comes to knowing what you want.

You expect your partner to make you happy and be able to guess at what you need and feel, but men aren't naturally very good at taking the lead when it comes to relationships!

So it goes without saying that you're often going to end up disappointed and you'll draw hasty conclusions about his feelings.


Be clear about what you want, let him know how you feel and don't wait for him to make the first move. If you want him to whisk you away to Venice for the weekend, tell him! And lead by example: giving is the best way of receiving.

The right kind of guy for you

A sensitive and romantic type who'll know instinctively what you want, or maybe even be able to surprise you by offering you things you'd never have dreamt of asking for...



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