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Why men can be merry at Christmas

Her festive star doubled up as a weapon if he refused to help her with the Christmas decorations © iStockphoto - Why men can be merry at Christmas
Her festive star doubled up as a weapon if he refused to help her with the Christmas decorations © iStockphoto
Forget Santa, it's women who do all the work to pull off a memorable Christmas. It's no wonder men can sit back and be merry.

That's why we've asked new mum Danielle Lloyd to share her tips on how to get your man to do his bit this Christmas.

Before any men start complaining at our assertions that they're useless at Christmas, stop. It's actually official.

A new study by Lambrini practically proves that women have to bare the stresses and strains of the season. If they didn't Christmas probably wouldn't exist!
Men may be surprised ot learn that nearly two thirds of women in the UK begrudge bearing the trouble and strife of Christmas without the help of their partner.

With 61% of those surveyed feeling it was unfair that the role of present shopper, wrapper, chef, entertainer and general peacekeeper always fell to them over the festive season. 
Furthermore, a third of women expect to get little or no credit from their other half for all their efforts. Men - if you're reading, take notes.

Despite Christmas being heralded as the most wonderful time of year, the research, Lambrini's research suggests Christmas is a time of sad tidings for women, with 66% claiming they find it ‘a hassle’. 

Of course, that's not to say women are scrooge-sque in any way, it's just that a little help would be welcome.

Lambrini spokesperson, model, Danielle Lloyd, is experiencing her first Christmas in the role of ‘Mum’. She says: “Stuff Santa, its women who have Christmas all wrapped up. They take on the challenge of producing the perfect Christmas whilst the guys claim all the glory simply by carving the turkey and serving drinks."

It really is a case of ‘God rest ye merry gentlemen’, but don’t get too comfy on that sofa boys or you’ll wake up to find your festive fairy has fled the nest and you’re as stuffed as that turkey you’ve got to cook!

Yet despite feeling that creating Christmas is a thankless task, only a third of women would trust the job to men. Just as well, as only one in twenty are prepared to take it on.

Danielle concludes: “It’s clear we need to put the sparkle back into Christmas and make it more of a pleasure than a oain for women.

Behind some simple, sure-fire tips to get your man to pull his festive finger out, lies the secret to Christmas bliss. Check out her tips for sharing the Christmas workload with your man:


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