In their own words: what men really like in bed
Men and sex: state of arousal
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Men and sex: state of arousal

"My wife knows how to get me going! During the first night we spent together, she had an incredible perfume on that drove me crazy with desire. Ever since, as soon as she sprays on a few drops, I become aroused and I know we're set for a bit of bedroom action. Naturally, she doesn't put it on every day."
Oliver, 34, actor

"I once asked my girlfriend if she fancied removing all her pubic hair. She agreed to it but only if I did it too. As a sort of foreplay, we shaved each other. We got more and more aroused and when we finally had sex, it was explosive as our smooth, freshly-shaven body parts rubbed against each other. But the regrowth was so painful... we should have used wax instead!"
Jake, 40, statistician

"There's nothing more exciting for me than hearing my partner's moans and groans; it drives me crazy. The best bit is when she really lets herself go and lets out some screams. So don't be shy ladies, express yourselves... we like it!"
Gavin, 27, student

"She led me in front of the wardrobe mirror, kneeled down and took my manhood in her mouth. I had the best seat in the house for the most erotic show of my life... and I was the hero of it!"
Ben, 38, technician

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