In their own words: what men really like in bed
Men and sex: the little detail that makes all the difference
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Men and sex: the little detail that makes all the difference

"One evening, while we were in full swing as it were, my ex pulled out a little vibrator. But not for her... for me! At first, I was reluctant but she was really gentle and she managed to introduce it into my back passage while caressing my penis. I came embarrassingly quickly but I was pleaed to have discovered a whole new erogenous zone."
Andrew, 39, air traffic controller

"It was the middle of a heatwave and I was being treated to a very memorable blowjob. My girlfriend had had the great idea of slipping an ice cube in her mouth along with some sparkling water - to avoid damaging the enamel on her teeth! I've never had such an amazing blowjob!"
Nick, 29, consultant

"Girls, don't forget to carefully caress the area between the scrotum and anus with your fingers (careful with your nails though!). It's such a turn-on."
Chris, 30, police officer

"I went out with a girl who was bigger than the girls I'd dated previously and she wasn't exactly in shape. But what a surprise when we had sex!

"She had some amazing perineal muscles, she squeezed my penis so hard then released it then squeezed it again: it was a sensation I'd never experienced before! She explained afterwards that she'd regularly done 'Kegel exercises' down there...I didn't know about them before but I do now!"
Leo, 35, farmer

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