In their own words: what men really like in bed
Men and sex: a question of timing
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Men and sex: a question of timing

"I went out with my former neighbour for a few months. She used to love waking me up by 'relieving' me of my morning erection. It was the best wake-up call I could ever have wished for!"
Lewis, 29, job-hunting

"Nothing beats a 'quickie' with my wife, whether it be in the hallway, on the kitchen table or in the bathroom before going to work. I love the spontaneity of sex when there's no scheduling involved!" 
Luke, 36, marketing director

"I still have fond memories of the adulterous lunchtimes I had with a married colleague. During our lunch break, we'd head to a nearby hotel to have wild sex, barely taking the time to undress properly. I think the idea of racing against the clock turned us on more than the relationship itself… " 
Ant, 31, accountant

"What sends me over the edge? When my partner says: 'Come in me now!' Then I know that I can really let myself go without having to worry about how long we've been at it. It's a real release of pressure."
Paul, 27, teacher

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