In their own words: what men really like in bed
Real-life stories: men and orgasms
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Real-life stories: men and orgasms

"There's this one thing she does that really sends me over the edge. It's when she kisses my neck, just below my ear, and she pretends to devour me like a vampire. I don't know why but It's such a turn-on for me!"
Greg, 32, doctor

"I once went out with a girl who, just as I was about to explode with pleasure, would kiss me intensely while firmly holding my head with one hand and making me look into her eyes. It was a gentle but firm gesture that turned me on even more!"
Marco, 28, bass player

"I used to be a bit of a sprinter when it came to sex… Penetration was all I was interested in. But my new girlfriend has helped me discover the joys of building up sexual arousal. 

"She starts by kissing me lightly on my ankles and continues up along my entire body and she gets faster as she goes. All that kissing and tickling is heavenly!"  
Phil, 22, student

"I experienced the most intense pleasure when my wife-to-be said 'I love you' just as we were having our first simultaneous orgasm."  [Bless him!]
George, 30, office clerk

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