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Help! He's addicted to his computer...
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Expert's advice on coping with computer and Internet addiction


> Be ready to listen
If your man leads a solitary life with virtual friends, there's a reason for it.

It hides anxiety, suffering or a deeper problem of some sort.

You should let him know that you're there for him, ready to listen, so you can work out what's troubling him and try to understand what he's going through.

> Maintain your independence
Arrange some activities for yourself for when he's on the computer and give him time to take up his life outside of the workplace again.

This will also provide you with the opportunity to do your own things and not suffer as much as a result of his addiction.

> Enjoy doing things together again
To help your man leave his addiction behind, organize a night out, cook dinner at home with friends, or arrange a DVD evening from time to time.

But don't try to tear him out of his refuge too quickly. Let him gradually feel at ease again around other people and start to enjoy simple, shared pleasures once again.

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