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My wife got me tickets to see my team play. She hates basketball so when she handed me two tickets for the game that afternoon, I thought she’d changed her mind – until she told I should call my best mate and take him!

I almost didn’t want to go after that – I could have happily spent the afternoon upstairs with her!!

Carl, 37

I’d only been dating Alison for a few months. She was very girlie, always immaculate. I’m outdoorsy and love climbing and camping, anything that gets me outside.

Alison was lovely, but outdoorsy she was not! So you can imagine how shocked I was when she suggested we go potholing together. She knew how much I loved that sort of thing and wanted to share something new with me. We both had a blast and I saw a totally different side to her.

Martin, 21

We say:

Doing something completely unexpected that breaks a stereotype is a real attention grabber. As long as it’s something he’s really interested in, you’re on to a winner. Whether or not you go with him, is up to you – either you spend the day bonding with your boy or you have a little ‘Me Time’ while his mate sings your praises. It’s win, win.


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