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How To Make A Guy Jealous In 8 Simple Steps

Teddi Ginsberg
by Teddi Ginsberg Published on March 10, 2014

Trying to win an ex-boyfriend back? Want to grab someone's attention? Whatever the reason, many women want an answer to that elusive question: how do you make a guy jealous? We've got 'em, right here. And best of all, the true focus here is on how to better yourself and boost your confidence. Soon you'll be shaking the men off with a stick - and the thought of attempting to make someone jealous won't even cross your mind!

1. Ask yourself: "Am I worth chasing?"

We think you are! But it's much more important that YOU think you are. You can't expect anyone else to be crazy about you if you're not crazy about yourself. If you don't feel great about who you are, figure out why. Be selfish and take some time to figure out what will make you feel better about you. Is it getting a new job? Challenging yourself to learn a new language, or taking up a new sport? If you're feeling a bit meh about yourself, giving yourself a target or goal to achieve can be a real confidence pick-me-up.

2. Get to the gym

Working out has more benefits than the eye can see. Sure, it'll make you look great. More importantly, it'll make you feel great. It'll give you something productive to do and it will boost your confidence. (Bonus: being around sweaty guys while you're sweaty too will make that being around guys when you're all dolled up that much sweeter!)

3. Find at least one outfit that you always feel great in, no matter what

This is key to feeling confident. Whether it's great jeans and a slinky top, or a dress that fits you like a glove, make sure there is at least one thing in your closet that you always feel amazing in. (If you can, buy another variation of said outfit so that you don't have to worry about one being in the laundry!) It's a good excuse to go shopping.

4. Stay occupied

A busy girl is a happy girl. Take up a new hobby. Adopting an interest will make you feel good, and a hobby is always a great icebreaker when meeting new people.

5. Flirt with other guys

Seems obvious, no? But this rule is all about doing it right. Flirting with other guys doesn't mean throwing yourself at them. It can be something as small as altering your body language so that you appear more open and approachable to others, or simply smiling at a cute stranger a day. When you're open to the possibility of chatting with new people, guys can pick up on those vibes. And if you do this in front of your man object, it's bound to make him jealous. It's a no brainer.

6. Use social media - a little bit

Don't: post new photos and statuses to Facebook every single day. No one wants that detailed of a play-by-play. It comes off as desperate to girls and guys alike. Do: update sporadically, posting a status or a photo when you do something awesome, like run a race or go skydiving.

7. Exude confidence

There is nothing more enticing - or intimidating - to a guy than a confident gal. Not feeling your absolute best? Fake it 'til ya make it. Put on that outfit that you always feel great in, no matter what, spritz a little perfume, and slick on some lipgloss. Go get 'em, girl!

8. Don't pay attention to him

This is probably the toughest rule of all, because if you've checked off everything else on this list, you're obviously dying to see that jealous look on his face. Fight the temptation! No matter what you do, don't glance over at that mug of his. Knowing that you're driving him crazy will be satisfaction enough. We promise.

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by Teddi Ginsberg
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