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50 first dates: 10 men tell us "how I met my future wife"

50 first dates - how was it for him


Rob H, London , IT Infrastructure Architect, Manchester

Drum & date - the night a DJ saved my life

We'd been working together for the past two years, and she'd finally convinced me to take her for a drink.

So we snuck out of the office and went to the pub at the end the road. She had an ear infection at the time (sexy!), so we found a quiet corner of the pub and tried to pretend we hadn't been colleagues for the past 24 months.

Then a long-haired guy arrived with suitcases of equipment and started to assemble something on the vacant table next to us.

The mess of wires and electrical equipment slowly took the form of a huge DJ set up, and the relatively subdued boozer we'd been enjoying became South London's premier drum and bass venue.

My wife-to-be's half of the conversation was reduced to shouting the word "WHAT?!" at me.

We were like two decrepit old people's home residents shouting at each other over that day's lunch special.

I can only assume that not being able to hear my side of the conversation actually worked in my favour, because we made it to date number two, and we've been married for nearly four years.

Eamon D, 42, London, Musician

I don't even remember our first date

I actually couldn't remember where my wife and I had our first date until I asked her.

You don't know at the time that you're going to end up going out, let alone that you're going to get married!

I'd actually been romantically involved with her cousin for a while, that's how we met. But she reminded me that I'd been in Ireland visiting my Dad and I'd driven from the airport to the other side of London, with biscuits that you can only buy in Kildare. They went down a treat.

On our first date, I took her to play pool (I went easy on her, she's not very good) and then four years later, I proposed in a moonlit park on the island of Ischia, just off the coast of Italy.

It doesn't matter where we had our first date, just that she said yes to marrying me.
First date tip:
Don't play games, just be straightforward.

Bob S, 34, East Kilbride, runs his own craft business

She was a divorcee with a son but I didn't care

At the time I first met Vonnie, I'd just split up with my girlfriend and she had just started seeing someone from my extended social circle. When they split up I was hit with the problem of how long do you wait before asking her out.

We went to a party and spent almost the entire the night chatting away but still nothing came of it.

In the end she asked me out (I couldn't quite get the words out) and the next evening we attended a charity gig in aid of the Tsunami all those years ago.

After the gig we walked to the bus stop in the rain hand in hand and kissed under the neon lights of a takeaway besides central station in Glasgow.

Vonnie asked me if her having a son was a problem, but Findlay was as much a part of her as any part of her own self so despite never having met him at that point I couldn't see why it was a worry. We actually got on great.

I knew from very early on that Vonnie was the one for me and the day after her divorce came through I proposed. We were married almost 3 years to the day of our first kiss.

First date tip:
Don't worry about the baggage. If someone cares, they won't see it.

Luke M, 25,  Letchworth, PR executive

I left my home country for love

Emily and I met at the Sydney Social Media Club.

For our first date I took her along to the Vanguard, an alternative cabaret joint, for a night of psychobilly and garage cabaret (what can I say, I'm a true romantic).

For some reason she actually wanted to keep seeing me after that. I think it could be down to the fact that everyone in the place looked far weirder than I did or possible the two bottles of wine we got through (on a Sunday night too).

Everything just felt right.

She found out a couple of months later that she had to go back to the UK and asked if I wanted to go with her.

There was nothing tying me to Australia, and proposing just seemed like the next logical step, considering I was never going to want to be away from her.
First date tip:
Don't play games. If you have to put on airs and graces, or be somebody you aren't, it's not worth it.


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