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50 first dates: 10 men tell us "how I met my future wife"


Chris B, 33, Halifax, Magazine journalist

I took her to Gregg's

We were good friends at school already and both had Saturday jobs in town. She worked in House of Fraser which overlooked the shop I worked in and I caught her eye as she was looking out.

I mimed "do you want to meet for lunch" at her. A bit like the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet only with triple glazed windows and a couple of bus lanes between us.

She came and met me and I took her for a Gregg's pasty, we went and sat on a bench, chatted - did the same a week later and that was 16 years ago.
First date tip:
You don't have to go somewhere fancy to have a great first date.

Martin H, 25, London, web company owner

Go for the bottle not just a glass

Our first date was an afternoon drink at a pub in Kensington, post-Christmas, I'd been away skiing during Christmas week and Mia had been at her parents' and had just returned to London.

We rocked up and, as Mia tells it, she knew she liked me because I ordered a bottle rather than two glasses of wine. The simple things eh?

We plowed through a couple of bottles before dinner, then she stumbled home!

We dated for about a year and a half, and, after living together for about 10 months, decided to move house, and, after looking into how complex it'd be, paperwork-wise, for us to buy a house and each own half of it, without being married, we just decided to sign the bit of paper to make that transaction easier.
First date tip:
Be yourself and do what works for you!

Joe S, 34, Manchester, Project Manager

She farted in her sleep

The date was on the day after the funeral of one of her mum's closest friends and so the atmosphere was a bit odd.

Luckily, we managed to drink through it with enough room afterwards for a Chinese which - she revealed only months later - she was actually allergic to.

We got so drunk that she agreed to spend the night (no funny stuff). During the night she farted loudly, giggled in her sleep and drifted off again. That was probably the moment I knew.
First date tip:
Be yourself above all.


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