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50 first dates: 10 men tell us about their first time

50 first dates - how was it for him


Christian, 31, IT Infrastructure Architect, Manchester

My bowels got the better of me

I once travelled 200 miles for a first date with a girl I had known on the Internet for a while. After a lovely welcome, I took her out for a meal. As I was ordering, I started to feel ominous rumblings in my tummy.

I tried to keep a straight face and act charming, but by the time the food arrived, it was clear I had serious food poisoning and we had to leave. I was literally locked in her bathroom for  days, I thought I was going to die.

When I came out I was 2 jeans sizes smaller and white as a sheet. Thankfully things soon picked up and we ended up moving in together
First date tip:
My top tip is even if there is "unforseen circumstances" that ruin your first date, give a guy a second chance.

Richard, 27, Social Media Manager, London

My date was playing the field

Richard won himself a year's supply of burritos, and instead of gorging himself on Mexican munch, he's decided to share them.

Richard's going on 52 first dates over the next 12 months and instead of thinking how terrifying first dates can be, he concentrates on meeting new people, hanging out with someone that at some point he might like to kiss:

"All the burrito dates are the same in that they start out a little weird, then both of us make a big effort to get on (there's no other choice really) and it ends up being a laugh.

"But one girl (burrito date number 12) told me halfway through dinner that she was already seeing someone! I think she was keeping her options open by not being upfront beforehand."
First date tip:
Make sure you tell the guy if you're already dating someone! If you want to meet new people, that's great, but it's best to be clear about things.

Tom, 27, Lawyer, Sydney

She dated me for work

I went into it with fairly high expectations - we'd exchanged several emails, we went to the same university, we had lots to talk about. 

Within half an hour, she confessed that she worked for a company that developed practical applications for psychological profiling. Self-help books and motivational speaking.

She had set up the date with the sole (undisclosed) intention of testing how well the website we'd used would match people up. She stayed a little longer - long enough, at least, to get my free legal advice about her upcoming house move - then suddenly feigned illness (with added sound effects) and ran away.

That same evening, she emailed me to say that she'd decided the website didn't work and would be closing her account. That's the first time I've caused someone to abandon their search for a meaningful relationship.
First date tip:
Don't lie about your feelings.

Tim, 41, Satellite Communications, Australia

She saved my life

On my first date with Allison I knew she was the one, because she saved my life.

We were walking to the restaurant, I stepped off the curb to cross the road, when she suddenly grabbed me and yanked me backwards, out of the way of a speeding motorcycle.

I'd have been road-kill if not for her.
First date tip:
If he suggests ringing his flatmates to join you later in the date, that doesn't necessarily mean he wants their help in escaping from you; it might just be going so well that he wants to get into the "meeting the friends" phase right away.


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