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50 first dates: 10 men tell us about their first time


Rob Hyde, 32, Digital Media, London

I drank away £50... of her money

At university I managed to ask out the now famous person (who I'd admired from afar for the best part of a year) after a particularly sketchy night in the Union bar. Amazingly she said yes.

I remember making loads of effort (for me) and being massively nervous about it. I picked her up from her place and we went to a pub.

We got there and only then did I realize I'd not brought my wallet out, and after much 'oh would you BELIEVE it' she gave me £50.

I then proceeded to drink. And drink. I picked up a million annoying affectations and catchphrases and I told her a bunch of stories that never went anywhere.

I took her to this 'AMAZING' pub I knew, which was of course closed. We ended up in a student dive while people played giant Jenga in the corner. Romantic. I also started slagging off her favourite band.

I phoned her the day after to say we should go for coffee and laugh about the hilarious date, and I could give her her £50. She said not to worry about it and is now in a band everyone's heard of, and married. I did go and see her band once, and had a chance to go and meet them afterwards. I declined though.
First date tip:
Always check you've got your wallet. And only drink as much as your date does... unless your date drinks like a 21-year-old me

Dave, 35, works in IT, London

She broke all the rules

I had a date with a girl who literally did everything wrong.

All those first date things you're not meant to do? She did every single one.
  • Talking about herself all night.
  • Telling me about how awful her ex boyfriend was.
  • Telling me what a 'ball-breaker' she was at work.
It was hilariously entertaining because it was so awful
First date tip:
Never talk about the ex-boyfriend. Never, ever, ever!


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