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50 first dates: 10 men tell us about their first time


Brennig, 52, Music journalist, Oxford

I was completely infatuated with... Diane (that'll do), and her letters to me said she fancied me.

We had been 'going out' with each other for two weeks. I'm not sure why we didn't want our friends to know we were going out, we just didn't. We didn't speak to each other in public. but eventually, after a couple of weeks, we arranged to meet.

I paid for the cinema tickets, and we took two seats in the back row of the circle. The cinema was almost empty.

The lights went down the film started. I reached for her hand. We held hands for about ten minutes, then I got bold. I put my arm around her. About five heartbeats later she got up and walked to the doorway with the 'Toilet' sign above it.

Five minutes later she wasn't back. Ten minutes later I walked over to the doorway. Behind the curtain were the toilets, but also an exit on the left. The push-bar door was open. I left the cinema and ran around town looking for her. I didn't find her.

The following Monday she wrote me a letter and said she was ending it because the relationship was too intense. I'm still scarred by that 'walking out'. I was only 13.

First date tip:
Choose a film you want to see, not one you think she wants to see. If it all goes wrong at least stay in the cinema and enjoy the show.

Scott, 26, works in Customer Service, London

She drank too many "modge-eye-toes"

I took a girl out to a restaurant/cocktail bar. Things started off swimmingly; she was pretty and we were getting on well. The waiter came over (I had my back to him).

As he approached, he said "Now then ladies, what can I get you?". I don't know who was more embarrassed, once he'd seen my fully bearded face.

He took our drinks order. She asked for a Mojito. Well, not quite - she actually asked for a 'Modge-eye-toe'.

Anyway, it turned out she was pretty awful. She had a terrible sense of humour and talked only about herself. Loudly.

I tried to make the best of it for the first few rounds (all of which I paid for), but when she ordered her sixth or seventh Modge-eye-toe, I snapped and corrected her. Cue more awkwardness. I never saw her again.
First date tip:
Don't spend the whole date talking about yourself.

Alan Rodgers, 28, works in IT, Coventry

He was into conspiracy theories

A few years ago, I went in a date with a guy called Andy. He seemed a friendly chap, was intelligent and witty, a snappy dresser, good hair.

As the evening went on, we started to discuss politics (always a hot button topic), and that's when he dropped the bomb. I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with David Icke, the former goalkeeper.

He's also made a name for himself as an exponent of the theory that the world is run by a secret society of shape shifting lizards who pose as royalty, presidents and prime ministers the world over, and that all wars, terrorism and disaster is orchestrated by this illuminati.
First date tip:
Leave heavy discussions for another time. And don't expect everyone to believe your crazy conspiracy theories.


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