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Fear of commitment - how to make him run for the hills!
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‘Oh! You’re here as well!’


© GOODSHOOT / Jupiterimages
© GOODSHOOT / Jupiterimages
Turning up unannounced might seem like an unexpected treat, but it looks like you’re checking up on us.

If we’ve told you we’re going out for a few beers with mates, turning up at the same pub ‘by mistake’ looks a teensy bit stalkerish.

‘You might think you look cute and impulsive’, says Brenda Della-Casa, ‘but everyone knows you didn't just "happen upon the pub."

While your guy might smile and offer you a beer, underneath that cool exterior is a man who is rightfully questioning how much you trust him.’

You want him looking forward to the next date, not looking over his shoulder when he nips out for a pint of milk.



George Wales
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