Dating men: His dating style uncovered
The venue - what his choice tells you
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The venue - what his choice tells you

Of course you’re going to dinner together, but where exactly provides a unique and interesting look into who he is and what this date means to him.

James, 24, a designer from London agrees: "A dinner and a movie is a little dated, and means you spend half the date not talking, which for me is a massive turn off. It’s so unimaginative."

A swanky restaurant is nice, but if you aren’t swanky people, it can be a little contrived as you’re both already pretending to be people you’re not.

Remember though, it’s not so much where he takes you, but how the date goes that is important. Some girls are offended when a guy proposes a casual dinner, like going for a burger.
They take this as a warning sign that the man isn’t serious or he’s cheap. I think that’s ridiculous. In some cases, the casual burger is a man’s way of being earnest, of saying: "I’m a normal person. This is the real me."

"Let’s remove the pretense and get to know each other like real people – because I like you."   

Image:They had so much in common - the same hairdresser and a love of pizza © Stockbyte

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