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Busting the Man Myths
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MYTH 6 - Men fancy porn stars more than their girlfriends


Jenna Jameson and friends © jerone2/Flickr(cc)
Jenna Jameson and friends © jerone2/Flickr(cc)
A 2009 survey in the Sun discovered 88% of men watch porn, 76% of whom were in a relationship.

Why then, if we’re happily coupled off, do we still enjoy porn?

Dr Lisa Turner points out that, ‘pornography has no requirement for any emotional attachment or involvement.’

In other words, it lends itself to the male capacity to separate sex from feelings.

That said, we’d all rather be in bed with a special someone, than hunched over a laptop!

And as we mentioned earlier, not many of us are looking for a pneumatic pornstar for a girlfriend.



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