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Bros before hoes: Does he put you first - ever?
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Saving your relationship


> Face the difference

Jennifer hasn't changed, she's just evolved and is now fully aware and responsible for her actions, hence the shift in the relationship dynamic.

Unfortunately this will only worsen and lead to a break-up if Michael can't evolve as well...

> Avoid an ultimatum

Definitely avoid the "It's me OR your mates!"  situation, no-one likes that conversation.

All that this will do is make him feel as if you’ve backed him into a corner and you never know, you might not like his response!

> It’s all about compromise

Each of you should write down your definition of a couple and then calmly discuss them together so that you both get a clear idea of what the other person expects- it is all about working together to find common ground.

So that the dialogue doesn't escalate first point out the similarities, then move onto the differences. In the end you'll get a shared view of a couple, it's much more effective than criticism and fighting.

> Come to an agreement

Use this to outline some steps in how you both think that you can progress as a couple, changing old habits and bad behaviour, a kind of list of ‘little steps in the right direction’.

Maybe do something to sweeten the deal… like allocate a mates night.

> Put a date on it

You have to have a deadline. For example: if in 6 months nothing has changed, the consequences will follow. One shouldn't have to put up with the non-commitment of the other.

> Face the facts

When you're faced with someone who is unwilling or unable to change, and isn’t willing to do what it takes to fix a relationship (like therapy or other solutions), you have to have the courage to give yourself a chance to have the kind of life you want, even if it isn’t with who you thought it would be.

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