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Bros before hoes: Does he put you first - ever?
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Expert's opinion on addiction to mates


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Psychiatrist Martine Teillac says

>He has a distorted idea of what being in a relationship means:

Basically Michael’s still loving his bachelor lifestyle and is refusing to adapt or even embrace the idea of living as a couple. 

It seems that he does not quite understand the concept of growth that comes with moving in with your partner.

He’s stuck in his selfish ways and seems more than happy for it. For him 1+1=1 and he’s not very open minded when it comes to changing this formula.

He knows what his priorities are in life, they’re just not Jennifer or a relationship. It seems that the number one spot is reserved for Michael and what he wants to do.

> He’s immature:
Poor Michael needs to learn that in life you can’t have your cake and eat it.

He’s acting like a spoiled teenager, constantly needing to feed that lad mentality that drives all young men. But then he also wants to be a man capable of having a lasting relationship with a woman. 

At the moment he’s thinking he’s got it pretty good- a loving relationship with Jennifer, just with absolutely no responsibilities on his part.

However, even though he’s loving life, he’s actually hurting himself. By just following the group and hiding in the safety of larking around with his boys he’s not allowing himself to grow.

At this rate he will shove his head in the sand, avoiding important life decisions that will actually enable him to behave like a responsible adult in a healthy and committed relationship.

The bachelor life can get pretty lonely.

> Parental influence

We might be being a bit hard on Michael though, in this day and age a lot of kids come from homes that have not always shown how to have a successful relationship by example.

It is difficult to achieve a healthy relationship if you have not seen one from your parents. It could be that Michael is simply repeating a pattern.


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