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Bros before hoes: Does he put you first - ever?

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© Stockbyte - Bros before hoes: Does he put you first - ever?
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Is he constantly down the pub with the lads? Jumping at every opportunity to wtach the footy with them and leave you home alone?

Or does he invite them over for X Box wars at the first chance he has?

All sound a bit too familiar?

Girl, you’re living with a mate addict and he’s got to learn that it’s hoes before bros!

Welcome to the second instalment of our "Help! He's addicted to his..." series. We’ve spoken to real life couple Michael (mate addict) and Jennifer (long suffering girlfriend) and psychiatrist Martine Teillac to help sort out their relationship woes. You could learn something along the way!

> Check out the first installment: Help! He's addicted to his computer...

With thanks to sexotherapy specialist Martine Teillac.


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