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A day with Gregory Harrison

Gregory Harrison


© courtesy of Gregory Harrison collection - Gregory Harrison
© courtesy of Gregory Harrison collection
He could easily have had Jeff Bridges’ career. “I admire him as an actor,” he admits. “So great! Iconic. But if I had had his career, I maybe wouldn’t have the things I do now: time, a private life, serenity...and I wouldn’t change that. Also, I had the level of success that I wanted. It let me support my family financially, and walk in the street without people pouncing on me, without having to make sacrifices...basically the perfect level of fame that allows you to be happy and free. I became an actor because I love the artistic talent and the collaboration between teams and all the work it represents. And more than that, because of the technical aspect of it. But there are some people who are just there to bring down artists and the audience, and that really makes me angry. Of course, everyone is allowed to have an opinion and to express it, but some critics should maybe focus on being constructive rather than just being condescending.”
North shore © Randal Kleiser
North shore © Randal Kleiser
Harrison has managed to master the Hollywood game, and carve out a respectable and respectful career while devoting himself to his family and his passions. Distance probably has something to do with it. After having broached the Hollywood milieu, Harrison decided to stay far away from it and moved his family to Oregon. “At first, I focused solely on my career,” he said. “I had girlfriends, but I didn’t want anything serious. Then, when i started thinking about having a serious relationship, I got dumped. I was devasted. Three or four days later, I met Randi (Note: the actor had 4 children with Randi Oakes). We started dating, nothing too serious, then one day I was out with friends, and we started talking about friendship. Someone asked me, “who’s your best friend?”, and I surprised myself by saying “It’s Randi!”
His recipe for happiness? Stay independent. “I’m always very involved in the life and decisions concerning my children and their education. Even when I’m on a set, I always call.”


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