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50 first dates: 10 men tell us how they were stood up

50 first dates - how was it for him


Greg, 22. PR executive, Brighton.

I threw myself into a river to avoid a blind date

To help me get over an ex-girlfriend, my mate Toddy set me up with his girlfriend’s best mate for a 'blind date double date'.

Not convinced a contrived double date was the best foundation for a lasting relationship, I was already having doubts. These doubts grew when Toddy said I’d like her because she loves football and boxing.

Anyway, the big day had approached and I was still not keen.

As always, Toddy and I walked into town by the riverside – this is when I saw my chance.

I pretended to trip and 'fell' into the river. Toddy, full of guilt for seemingly ruining my night (I had timed the trip to coincide with him pushing me), cancelled with his girlfriend and came back to mine for a lads night of Playstation and lager.

I told him the truth the same night and he has never forgiven me!
First date tip:
If we've never met you, we can only apologize for our possible scoundrel behaviour.

Neil, 25, Birmingham, Fraud investigator

Did she do a runner?

The joys of dating. The thrill of the first flirtation, the little teasing texts before the first date.

Then the actual date itself.  Though once my experience was a little different.

Firstly it involved that whole internet dating aspect. Where you peruse the cattle in the pen until one or two catch your eye, finally you get a response and all seems good.

So there I was sat in the bar, awaiting this person. Thoughts like "is that them?" flicking through my mind and all.

Unfortunately they never did come, or if they did, they came and ran away - I guess I'll never know? 

At least I like my own company!
First date tip:
Even if it's a blind date, it's still polite to text if you've changed your mind!

Tom, 24, London-based, systems engineer

She stood me up twice!

I used to get stood up quite frequently when I lived in Brighton.

The first time it happened, I was understandably mortified and upset. I have to admit that even after being stood up by this one person, I did attempt a second chance at a date, and got stood up a second time.

I came to the eventual conclusion that most Brightonian 20-somethings aren't really into the romantic dating scene.

I've never stood anyone up, however. After having been stood up myself, I think I'd never be that rude not to call.

It would have to be a pretty epic disaster for me to completely shirk any responsibility to them, and not call. Even if I lost my phone, I could probably get to a computer.
First date tip:
Losing your phone won't cut it these days. We'll know you're fibbing!

Mark, 26. Bar manager, Bournemouth

She stood me up but now we're happily married

A few years back, a couple of friends that I worked with thought it would be a great idea to set me up on a blind date with someone they knew.

I begrudgingly went along with it simply to keep them quiet, yet I was secretly intrigued and excited.

However the day came and she did not arrive. I sat at the bar for quite some time, and nothing.

Turns out she had my old phone number and thought she had rescheduled, but I never received it.

We did eventually meet and hit it off, and are now happily married.
First date tip:
Sometimes being stood up really is a simple misunderstanding. Don't write off the person completely!


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